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freehand glitter tattoo of dolphin riding waveFor all types of parties and corporate events, we offer (separately or in combination):


• fabulous freehand glitter tattoos and all natural hennas that last a week or longer


• face painting and waterproof body art


• positive intuitive readings.


They are popular for kids and adults at birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, corporate celebrations, business openings and company picnics.




I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did at Kayla’s Bat Mitzvah. You were fantastic and the kids loved it. You worked so hard all night long. I hope you got a well deserved rest on Sunday. All the kids still had their glitter art tattoos at school on Monday which really helped keep the celebration going for Kayla. Thank you so much! I will pass your name along every opportunity I get.


With sincere appreciation,

Natalie Simons


We are located in the Los Angeles area and available to travel to adjacent counties and beyond! Please contact me to discuss your event. Be sure to include the date, time and location.  



All Natural Henna, Glitter Tattoos and Glittery Face Painting

Full face paint of a sugar skull designCrazy for glitter tattoos!3 henna design, 2 floral and one moon & star


Your guests will get creative selecting their own colors and designs.  It becomes a fun social focal point as they decide what they want and watch the quick production of the body art.  Brushing the glitter off a glitter tattoo is like magic: the design suddenly appears out of a pile of glitter.


Group at party showing off glitter tattoosMommy & me heart glitter tattoos & dolphin face paintHenna dragon on handIntuited henna heart design with Adinkra symbols in it


We don’t use stencils. All designs are done freehand.  ”Freestyling” a custom design is very popular in both henna and glitter tattoos –- we’ll create it for you on the spot!


Matching freehand glitter tattoos of peacock feather for 2 friendsEgyptian eye hand design in hennaTribal sun henna design on handFace paint of hummingbird & flowerSpiderman and red tiger face paintingsPopeye the sailor arm paint


Two face painted jaguar girls

katy --

i'm sure you have loads of pictures of your amazing work, but this one is so great i wanted to send it to you anyway.  you are such an incredible artist. 

thanks again for all your amazing work today with all those demanding jaguar girls -- i look forward to having another event where we can try and get you back again!  

hope your valentine's evening event goes well.






To create custom body art for your vacation, a special occasion or as a trial run for a permanent tattoo, schedule a private appointment. 


Custom glitter tattoo of mermaid on fanHenna custom full hands floral design


Intuitive Energy Readings by Katy

Tarot cards set up for readingsDuring readings by tarot, palmistry, hand writing analysis, psychometry (objects, such as purses or wallets,) or intuition, we'll delve into The Mysteries and emerge in Clarity and Joy.


We call in all Spiritual Guides to assist in matters of the heart, soul, career and pocketbook.  Katy's natural focus is on being positive and uplifting regardless of subject matter.



New Vision major arcana tarot cardYour guests will be enthralled by the fun, deep, yet quick insights from these readings.  WIth ten years experience as an Intuitive reading at events, Katy has perfected the art of conducting meaningful information in a short period of time, averaging about 5 - 7 minutes per reading. She calls in sweet packets of guidance for each guest so that many may be delighted in a single event. 



A "reader" may go by many names: psychic, fortune teller, intuitive, intuitive reader, tarot reader, palm reader, medium. Katy generally flows with whatever you, the client, prefer to call it. Technically, there's no such thing as telling a fortune or someone's future because we all have free will and can change our futures at will. If that comes up at an event, I just explain it to each person. 



Katy is a certified Reiki Master and professional artist. Katy at event set up for glitter tattoosShe also gives more extensive private readings by appointment.


We are located in the Los Angeles area and available to travel to adjacent counties and beyond! Please contact me to discuss your event. Be sure to include the date, time and location.  

Table set up for intuitive readings3 card tarot card spread, mixed decks4 card tarot card spreadLotus flower design by Katy