You Are the Canvas & the Art



Planning a special evening out? Would you like to enhance your costume for a performance? Going on vacation? Make an appointment, and we'll create something special for you in henna, jagua and/or glitter. We can also create a tattoo with intention, such as for healing, covering a scar, or as a reminder for manifesting your desires. Seeing the daily reminder of your intention, embodied, is very powerful. 


Henna and jagua are both natural plant pastes that stain the skin either a deep reddish brown for henna or a deep indigo blue for jagua. If you would like to try out a design for a permanent tattoo, these both work very well and look very "real". 


We can work from pictures or images that you provide, or I can intuit a design for you, or we can do some of both. Intuited designs often incorporate your favored design motifs. 


Prices vary with the size and complexity of the design. Please contact me for a quote. 

Lotus motif by Katy