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Katy DeBra

Pictures of Katy at gigs
Katy is a multi-faceted artist who combines her intuitive and artistic skills in several media with same results: she brings visions to life, making the intangible, tangible. 


In the digital world, she channels art, design and content to create web sites, illustrations and graphic design that reveal your true essence. She selects colors, images and words that resonate and convey who you are. 


At events she creates memorable experiences through glittering body art and intuitive readings. For spaces she provides fine art paintings and color consultation. 


Her clients say that she is creative, fun, inspiring, easy to work with, and handles technology and practicalities with ease. 


"For the last 14 years I have created memorable experiences at events with henna and glitter tattoos, glittery face painting and intuitive readings. I hand draw all of my work (lots of artists use stencils for henna or glitter tattoos,) and, as a result, I have gotten to practice drawing all manner of creatures, images from people's dreams, you name it, even a pepperoni pizza with green and red peppers. The creative color combinations and design ideas people come up with never fail to amaze me. There really are infinite possibilities. 


This experience has changed my whole style of working as an artist.  I went from working very slowly, mostly in a highly controlled manner, creating lots of very realistic, often tromp l'oeuil, paintings and murals, mostly for other people, to working as fast as I can. And it seems the faster, the better. Since people move constantly, there are limited time windows to get my strokes or henna lines down as I wish. Usually the longer they sit down and try to be still, the more they start to move. 

Pictures of Katy 

I also feel that confidence that comes from working as an artist for 18 years solid. I've tried lots of stuff, and fortunately, most of it has worked out. And I learn from e-very-thing. Creating art and being an intuitive are some of the most comprehensive, holistic learning experiences life has to offer.


Thank you so much for stopping by to visit the site. I would love to work with you. " 

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"ahh - you are refreshing my soul Katy DeBra."

- Francey Marzicola



Katy was AWESOME!!!!!

Everyone, kids, adults (my friend just walked into the office proudly displaying his horse tat) loved her.

Thanks again.




And even moreso now that I've left my obsidian behind! Katy, you gave me just the right reflection at just the right time. Thank you so much for everything you do and are.

- Erin Busby



So IN on the glitter ART! And by the way anyone thinking about taking Katy up on her Vision Weave...DO IT! The session I had from Katy was incredible. She helped me massively though my move. Deeply intuitive and healing I am so grateful that I had Katy to help me traverse the void. Such a powerful lady! ♥

- Chloe Bradbury-Rutherford



My session with Katy was like receiving permission to be the person I've secretly longed to be, but I didn't know was possible. She tapped into my essence and brought clarity to things I wasn't able to perceive completely. Honestly, it was the best "reading" experience I've ever had. But it was much more than a reading, it as a co-creative dive into clarity and my truth. Every word she spoke was like a love letter from my soul to me. The entire session was like one giant life purpose activation where I realized I've been on the right track all along and everything IS okay. She even gave me steps to take now to get things moving for me! I now have the confidence to live my dream life. Katy's open heart and connection to the divine was such a treat to experience. I would LOVE to work with Katy again.

- Cherie Lawrence